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"A friend of mine suddenly started looking fabulous - and taller. I asked her what she had done and then I started coming to Pilates Central. Now I am hooked on it."
- Debbie from Monsey, NY



"My back surgeon can't believe how good I am doing. I am so flexible and I've got no pain. It has been a huge success for me."
- Jerry from Suffern, NY
"I am a Senior Citizen so it's important to keep your body strong. Pilates is the best program I have ever found."
- Tess from Nyack, NY
"I just took Wilhelm to a follow up visit with Dr. Joshua Hyman, the scoliosis specialist who saw Wilhelm in February 2010. Wilhelm had a full spine X-ray today. The attached is a picture of the monitor that showed today's X-ray on the left and the 2010 X-ray on the right. Dr Hyman looked at it and said, "Today's X-ray shows a straight spine. The other X-ray shows curvature. Hmmm, that's not supposed to happen... well, Wilhelm no longer has scoliosis!" It's all due to you and your Pilates work! Thanks a million!"
- Lance from Rockland County, NY
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