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Mat Pilates
Mat Pilates covers the repertoire of exercises upon which the Pilates method is built.
Our studio offers services in the fundamentals of mat work as well as more challenging exercises, depending on your needs and comfort level.
Emphasis is placed on precision, efficiency, and body awareness, holistically engaging both the body and mind.
Reformer Plus
The Pilates Reformer is an extraordinarily flexible piece of exercise equipment that facilitates resistance and support for exercising every part of the body.
It has special uses for developing core and extremity strength, stability, flexibility, coordination, and balance.
The wide range of exercises offered by our Reformer Plus classes provide a stimulating workout for clients at every level.
Red Hot Pilates
Red Hot Pilates uses 55 minutes of continual movement to create an intense workout for your entire body.
The increased activity warms your muscles, increasing blood flow and encouraging your body to burn calories and release toxins. Your stretches become deeper, your heart rate increases, and you strengthen the body with an emphasis on core strength.
This course is for the more advanced student who is looking for a more challenging class.
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